About the Book

Would you like a fresh and unbiased look at the modern financial system?

The Future of the Financial System is a stark, birds-eye view of the current structure, its performance, and implications for the future.

The intricacies can be overwhelming, but the author clearly composes economic principles with deft skill even the novice will understand.

Key features of the book include: 

• The Role of Money in the Economy
• Money Production
• Creating Money as a Way of Fighting Overproduction Crises
• Ideology

A deeper look explains The Banking System and how it creates enormous pressure on the economy. It addresses Deideologization and its importance in forming a new financial architecture.

By the end, the reader will come to a startling understanding of where the industry is headed.

Since publication, the book’s key message has been voiced as a concept by prominent economists. Particularly, the concept of the “secular stagnation“, assumes the role of the modern financial system exactly as it is described in the chapter Why Money Matters.

This book raises the question of what should be done to strengthen the financial industry. The current fixes are short-term oriented, whereas long-term planning is crucial to avoid future crises. It also takes a look at the enormous challenges facing the system and provides real solutions for improving it.

It won’t be easy, but it’s necessary.

The Future of the Financial System is not a technical guidance. The book exposes the new social reality behind old financial concepts and permits unexpected, but reliable, conclusions about the direction in which finance is evolving.